Best Buy is ripping you off! - My Apple iPhone X purchase experience

As the title of this says - the store BestBuy is outright robbing their customers and below I will explain how.

During Apple iPhone X pre-orders, Bestbuy was selling the phone at full retail price + $100 dollars. So, basically $108.00 dollars over retail price. I believe many other sites and people have spoken/written about this, but, I don't think they are fully aware to the extent this store is literally robbing people. They are in no way “Forcing” you to buy it from them, I know i am going to get some people who say this, because its semi true, you don't have to.

So, let's say you did buy this phone from them, and you figured well I’ll have them price match (Best Buy has a price match guarantee) - well, this is where the robbing part comes in, they have a different SKU and it's something like iPhone-X-UNV which won't let them price match (anymore - after friday) - They claim this is not the same phone that everyone else sells and apparently they have brainwashed their staff into believing that Apple has made special phones just for Best Buy. Yes, this sounds crazy! But, it's 100% true, I was able to get mine price matched BUT corporate denied the credit back to my credit card and I talked to the General Manager of my local store and we found all of this out. The General Manager was actually very honest and she was unable to explain why they are doing this to me and other customers, she was on the phone with corporate and even asked them point blank “Why would anyone buy this phone from us when they can buy it anyplace else for $100 less?” and the person on the phone was unable to answer her question. She finally told me to basically contact my credit card company and do a chargeback for the difference because she was unable to do anything without risking her job.

In conclusion, I don't believe I will be shopping at Best Buy anymore past this point because I am an elite plus member (Which means i spend over 3,500K dollars with them a year) and I am supposed to be one of their “Valued Customers” and this is how they treat me? And I cannot imagine how they would treat someone with no status with them at all.