I have not written anything in awhile and I basically suck at writing so here goes :)

Step 1 (AFAIK this only works for orders through Apple.com - If i am wrong please let me know) - Getting the tracking details ——————AS

Some of these steps have been taken from various other arcitcles over the years and I am not going to source them all because I am lazy

Track By Refference Number (Which is your phone number)

	Step 1: Visit UPS.com and click on the green tracking arrow.
	Step 2: Click on Track by Reference:
	Step 3: Under Shipment Reference, enter in your 10-digit phone number associated with your Apple pre-order (NO DASHES) and then click Track at the bottom
	Step 4: Profit! - After that, you should see more details regarding your delivery (or deliveries). Our iPhone XS Max is showing its last location as ZhengZhou, China, as of today.

Pimp your ride (UPS My Choice account) - Yes this is free stop crying!

Signup for an account at ups.com (This is free and will show you ALL packages to your home + give you nice notications)

Pimp your ride again? Yes! Free UPS My Choice Premium? Yes! but for 3 months :)

Thanks to some people at SlickDeals they have found a code to give us 3 free months. I am going to link the deal.